I know I know. This is crazy I am such a hoarder for my daughters baby’s clothes. I know I need to part with them. But something in side of me just can’t let go!

Our babies grow so quick. I feel like I’m holding on because she won’t ever be as small as these tiny baby clothes! And I just can’t seem to cope with the fact that she’s not staying my tiny baby girl forever!

I did want to save them for her future sibling but I have no idea when this will be or even if we’ll have another girl!

My husband keeps telling me they need to go and I know he’s right. So I think I need to have a blanket made with my favourites and important ones! (Like her first ever outfit, coming home from hospital outfit etc!) Or to put them in a memory box!

Did you do anything special with your baby’s clothes or did you just sell them/donate them?

Thank you for reading!
Love, Sophie x

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