Daisy has just had her 1 year immunisations and I was so not ready for them! I thought I would knew what to expect after previous ones but I found these so much harder! 
My main advice I can give is:
Prepare yourself. 
Read up on the nhs site or phone your doctor for some advice if needed. Luckily I got all the advice needed off of the website, it tells you what they’ll be immunised for and all possible side effects. It prepared me to know that she’d be having 4 injections all in one go. (I wasn’t aware of this until looking it up!) Your doctor will run all this by you though on your appointment.  Daisy had two in one leg and two in the other leg but I have read about babies having them in their arm and leg. Some practices must be different to others!
Prepare your baby. 
Have some calpol at the ready. This to help with any pain and high temperature from their injections. Have their favourite things to hand, I.e their comforter and their favourite snacks! I would also recommend wearing loose clothing that’s easy to remove and put back on after their injection. 
As with any vaccine, it’s possible for your baby to have side effects. 
Daisys side effects included- tiredness, loss of appetite and a fever. What helped us was just plenty of cuddles and calpol. I also offered her more bottles than usual which she did take as well as plenty of water. 
It took a couple of hours for her to start with any side effects but it took the whole day to get over. So if possible, try not to make any plans, just have a super cuddly day with your baby.
Daisy would also usually have a bath every night, but this isn’t advised if your baby does have a fever so please bare this in mind. 
Hopefully your baby doesn’t get any side effects but if they do they should be short lived. As always if you have any concerns at all please don’t hesitate to phone for medical advice! 
I felt so guilty and cried so much myself, but you have to remind yourself you are doing this to protect your baby! You’ll get through it together. 
Thank you so much for reading and I hope this helps. 
Lots of love, Sophie xxx

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