Learn to love your body!

Learning to accept your body!

My little girl is 19 months now. Now I shouldn’t have the excuse of not getting back in to shape after having her but I still make the excuses up! I don’t find the time for myself to go to the gym like I use to before having her. I work part time and run a business as well as obviously being a mummy!

We’ve just got back from an amazing two weeks holiday in America. Prior to going I was so nervous of the thought of wearing a bikini every day. I hadn't done anything to help myself feel body confident. You can see my c section scar above all my bikini bottoms. And I was so worried about having my stomach out every day! Don’t get me wrong, I was still conscious every day! But every day I played in the pool with Daisy, I was reminded how a little bit of  extra/loose skin and a scar that kept myself and herself safe.. didn’t actually matter. I carried her in my body for 9 months and that is magic in itself.

So please ladies, enjoy yourself. Don’t be worrying about your new body! Nobody else will be worried other then yourself! Remember how amazing your body is for creating your beautiful babies. You won’t remember being on holiday worrying about your weight, you’ll remember all the amazing memories you make with your family!

I was so nervous about posting this, but if I can help just one person feel more confident in themselves then I know its worth sharing! 

Lots of love, Sophie x

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