Make Baby's First Holiday a Breeze with These Tips

Taking your baby on their first holiday can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. You want to make sure you have everything in order so that your little one has the best time possible. To help make sure you don't forget anything, here are some tips and advice to keep in mind when planning for your baby's first holiday.

Get Prepared Early

The key to making sure that your baby's first holiday goes as smoothly as possible is preparation. Start packing days or even weeks before you leave to ensure that you don't forget any essential items like nappies, wipes, and formula. Also, research the area to see what amenities are available for babies so you know if there will be shops where you can buy any forgotten items. Also research the airport, you can pre-order all baby essentials at boots which is really handy!! This saves time in the security queue (less liquids!) and even save you room in your luggage.

Make sure to also pack lots of fun activities to make the plane ride easier. I found downloading my daughters favourite shows onto her iPad helpful too!

Be Cautious About Food
When travelling with a baby, it's important to be careful about what food they eat. If they're not used to different kinds of food yet, stick to foods they're familiar with, such as fruits and vegetables they've tried before. Also consider bringing food from home that you know they'll like so you don't have to worry about them getting sick from unfamiliar cuisine while away.

Plan Ahead for Flights/Travels
If you're flying or taking a long car trip for your holiday, it's important to plan ahead for flights/travels. Booking an aisle seat can give you more room and easier access when changing nappies or feeding your baby during the flight/trip. Also make sure that all of their essentials (i.e. nappies , change of clothes) are easily accessible and within reach during the flight/trip so that if something comes up suddenly, you won't have to scramble around looking for it.

Our first family holiday was to Disneyland Florida, Daisy was 18m old at the time. We are taking her again this year! Everyone called us crazy taking her to America especially with it being a long haul flight, but to us it was the best decision we ever made and we can’t wait to go again!

The main bit of advice for this particular holiday was to buy comfy footwear! I thought I bought suitable footwear but I ended up buying Crocs over there, (which was a god send)!!

zaxy love pearl jelly sandals

We have also just had an amazing delivery of shoes from Zaxy and Ipanema! These will be perfect for summer and holidays. I have saved my little girl the daisy sandals. They are a lovely soft and flexible sandal so they’ll be perfect for her little feet on long days at the parks etc.

Taking your little one on their first holiday can be an exciting but daunting experience; luckily these tips above should help make it go as smoothly as possible. With these tips in mind, we hope your upcoming holiday goes well and provides lots of fun memories for years to come! Enjoy every minute!

Also if you have any tips / advise then please feel free to comment them below.

Lots of love!

Sophie xx

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