My birth story! 🤰

As women, I think we all like to share our birth stories! Before being pregnant, when i heard my friends experiences, I’d get screamish, listen with my hands over my ears, thinking woahhhh too much information please don’t go into too much detail! Where as when I become pregnant, personally I devoured these stories! I could also never watch ‘One born every minute’ until I was pregnant then i couldn’t get enough! Having enjoyed so many birthing stories, the positive, the negative.. I feel that I want to share mine! (Where to start?!!!) I was 7 days over, I’d already had a sweep on my due date and unfortunately nothing had progressed, so I was booked in for a second one. Going in to my appointment at 4pm, my blood pressure was taken and it was sky high, meaning I couldn’t have a second sweep and was urged to go to hospital urgently to be monitored. I had my mum waiting outside for me. As soon as I told her I needed to go hospital she told me we’ll go and get my hospital bags just in case. Me being me thought nothing of it and said no I’ll be fine I’m sure I’ll be home later! 26 years of my mum always being right, I still think I know best when 9/10 my mum is never wrong! After being monitored and being put on tablets to make my blood pressure go down, it wasn’t budging so I was admitted to hospital. This was my first ever stay in a hospital, and I remember crying whilst pulling the curtains, scared of what was happening and scared of being alone. But the nurses couldn’t have been any nicer. I was told I’d probably be going home the following day and would be booked in for an induction over the next couple of days. But I woke up to go to the toilet at around 10/11pm, and a nurse collared me to say they was going to give me another sweep, And then going to get induced as soon as possible! I was really hoping for a water birth, but due to my blood pressure still being too high, this wasn’t possible. I was taken to the birth suite, and it was named ‘Daisy’! I thought this was fate as this is what we have named our beautiful daughter! Already I felt more relaxed. Due to covid, my husband couldn’t come until my induction had started. I had 2 lovely midwifes, one being a student. I was so nervous, I had the hook to break my waters. They told me I could take gas and air for this part. Something I’d never had before! All I can explain it as is feeling like you’re very drunk, but the very happy kind of drunk! This was around 2am and my husband could finally join us. I’d been in labour for around 10 hours (having gas and air and pethidine) I progressed to 8cm when I felt the urge to go to the toilet, I told my midwifes and they kept telling me it’s because of where the babies head is. At this point I was in agony and I knew it wasn’t time to push I just really needed to go to the toilet. They advised my husband to walk me to to the toilet, this is where things had suddenly got very scary. There was so much blood that my husband had shouted for a midwife, it was then that they had realised I was heamorrhaging. Suddenly I was told I was getting rushed for an emergency c section. My mums births was all c sections, but I just never thought that I would have one. I think we all dream of having a straight forward birth but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way! The saying is true when they say not to make a birth plan because they never go to plan (unless you’re lucky!) Fortunately everything went smooth as possible and both me and my baby was healthy and that’s all we could wish for. Personally I did find my experience very traumatic, but I would honestly do it again in a heartbeat. I was told I will hopefully be able to try for a vbac for my next birth, so fingers crossed!   This leads me to my next blog.. c section recovery! Thank you all for reading! This was the hardest experience of my life but also the best as I got my beautiful daughter at the end of it. I could have gone in a lot more detail but feel free to ask me any questions/ advice!! How was your experience? Did you have a similar experience? Id love to know how your births went! lots of love Sophie 😘




  • Sophie

    Hi Nicola! Thank you for your lovely comment! Appreciate it! They’re my favourite!! We have a lot in common! Congratulations on your little boy! I hope you’re both doing ok?! It honestly felt like it took me around 3 months to properly feel normal again! I was still bleeding for about 14 weeks after too :(, it really took it out of me! It’s easier said then done but still try and take it steady it’s major surgery! My next blog will be about my recovery so please keep a look out! 💖xxx

  • Nicola

    Congratulations on your gorgeous daughter😍 I love birth stories🤭 i completely agree with you when you say you never think it would be you having a c-section. I was the same! My mum had 3 but I had my daughter naturally and my son was emergency c-section. It is such a scary and traumatic experience. I am only 10 week post partum and my scar is still sore and stiff. How long did it take you to recover? X

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