I am by no means a health professional, just a mum that has been through it and would like to share my experience to help a fellow mum out.

I want to start off by saying, it will and it does get better! Personally I struggled for a while- but I know lots who have said they was fine and recovered really quick! Just remember everyone is different- listen to your own body. It is a major operation and also a big adaptation on being a new mum whilst trying to recover too. So just be patient, and take it as easy as you possibly can.

One of the main tips I can give especially for when you come out of hospital is to wear extra baggy trousers or even pyjama bottoms. Non elasticated if possible! You don’t want anything to sit on your scar- i did originally buy some tracksuit bottoms in a size bigger than what i was- but trying to put them on in those first few days was just horrendous! So just some nice loose ones. (Or if your baby is born in summer you’ll be fine with a loose dress etc!) also I think it goes without saying..

The first drive home.. no one prepared me for that?! I was able to go home the day after and I held on for dear life! I kept telling my husband to slow down- he was already going as slow as he could! So my advice would be to have a pillow in the car with you and to hold it against you- this is also handy for when you need to cough or sneeze!

After your operation, you may need blood thinning injections. This is to prevent blood clots. I had these for two weeks and you could either do these at the top of your thigh or in your stomach. You are required to do these by yourself- (my face dropped when the doctor told me this! I hate injections!) luckily my mum came round every day and did these for me. So if you’re like me and screamish about doing it yourself, then talk to your partner or someone who is willing to help do this for you.

On my daughters first night, she coughed up a lot of mucus! I laid there frantically pressing the buzzer, but this was because mucus is usually pushed out of the baby’s lungs during a vaginal delivery- it was very scary and I’m glad this happened whilst I was still in hospital but i was reassured this is normal for a baby after being born by a c-section. But if you have any concerns then always get them checked!

Other tips that are handy is just keeping things close by- like a nappy caddy, change of clothes. Anything to make it easier for you. It is important to keep moving as this helps with recovery but at the same time being mindful to take it easy. A long charger for your phone is also handy especially in the hospital.

To anyone that is preparing for a c-section or are just recovering- then I hope this helps! Good luck and congratulations, it does get easier!

If there is anything else I can help with, or if you have any questions please comment below! :)

Lots of love, Sophie x

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