Pregnant in a Pandemic!

Thank you so much for visiting my website, as well as taking the time to sit and read my blog!


Time flies once your baby is born and I want to document my experience as well as listening to all of your stories and advice too! If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I often like to ask for advice. Other than my family I don’t feel I have that many people I can go to for advice when it comes to my little girl, so I love coming on to my page as the majority of my followers are mummy’s- and you’re all so lovely and for me, it feels like my safe place when needing advice! So hopefully by doing these blogs will also help you!

I am returning back to work part time, as well as having a business to run and most importantly raising my 9 month old daughter, but I will aim to blog as much as possible! I want to talk about all the highs and the lows and everything in between.

I wanted to start my blog from the beginning.. finding out I was pregnant!

Friday March 27th 2020.

Me and my husband, Jason, had been trying for just under a year. There had been a few times when I thought this was it throughout trying but a negative test was always to follow. Until this day. For a few days I just had a feeling. I am superstitious and the 27th March is the day before my birthday. And for the last 3 years it’s always been a day of good luck for me! So as much as I was tempted to do a test before this day, I held off.


I was getting ready for work (my second day of working from home due to lockdown). I couldn’t wait to do it, half of me scared for another negative test, the other half of me knowing that this time, it was different. I hadn’t told Jase I had any symptoms or anything just in case. So as soon as he left for work, I was straight to the bathroom. It felt like the longest two minutes of my life. Praying this time, this would be it! There it was.. 2 double lines.. amongst the crying and shaking, I FaceTimed my mum straight away! Lockdown had only just been enforced, else I think I’d have been knocking her door down with it! We was both over the moon and I told her how I wanted to tell Jase the same day, but wanted to do something special. I thought I’d have all day to prepare something. However within about 10 minutes of finding out, I heard a car door outside to Jase running inside to go to the toilet! (Classic Jase!). I pranced around my room thinking I can’t bare another minute of not telling him. An empty shoebox was in our bedroom so I quickly put it in the box and handed it to him. I was that excited I never recorded his reaction which I regret so much! But nonetheless, an amazing moment between just the two of us finding out the best news of our lives. I was terrified of being pregnant whilst in a pandemic, but from a positive point of view, it actually couldn’t have come at a better time for us both.

Who did you tell first? Did you record your other half’s reaction?? How did you find out you was pregnant? I’d love to know!! Please leave a comment below :)!


Lots of love, Sophie x


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